Ever notice on an Android tablet when the app updates, it disappears from the home screen? When this happens to me, it becomes a quest to figure out what app is changed.


Recently this happened with Autodesk Sketchbook. Normally I would just say ok, it was updated, but I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I opened it.

For some reason, after a few minutes of goofing around making doodles with my fingers I was going through my back pack to find my stylus.

I was noticeably out of practice, and most of what I did I filed in the crap file, but I was having fun. Which is the most important thing.


The funny part, is I never really used the Sketchbook before, everything I published before was in Magna Studio and Illustrator. I do not even remember downloading the Sketchbook before. Now I have it on my tablet, main PC and laptop.


I am not making any promises, of setting any deadlines, I am just going to see what happens. If there is anything I want to show off, I will post it here.


So let’s see what happens in 2017